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3Hp Teco VFD

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VFD03 Solid State Phase Converter

3 Hp solid state phase converter that can run and vary the speed of a three phase motor from a 230 volt single phase supply, plus there will be no horsepower loss with this type of phase converter. IP 20 enclosure, 2 year warranty.

TECO AC Drive, 3 HP, 230V 1 / 3 PH Input, 230V 3 PH Output, 10.5FLA, IP20

Input connection
Voltage and power range1-phase, 200 to 240 V +10% 
0.37 to 1.5 kW (0.5 to 2 hp) 
3-phase, 200 to 240 V +10% 
0.37 to 1.5 kW (0.5 to 2 hp) 
Frequency 48 to 63 Hz
Power factor0.98
Output connection
Voltage 3-phase, from 0 to Usupply
Frequency 0 to 400 Hz
Continuous loading capability
(constant torque at a max. ambient temperature 40°C)
Rated output current I2N
Overload capability
(at a max. ambient temperature of 40°C)
1.5 x I2N for 1 minute every 10 minutes
1.8 x I2N for 2 s every 10 minutes
Switching frequency
4 kHz
4 to 12 kHz with 4 kHz steps
Acceleration time0.1 to 1800 s
Deceleration time0.1 to 1800 s
Brakingbrake chopper standard (100% braking capability)
Environmental limits
Ambient temperature-10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F), no frost allowed, 
50°C (122°F) with 10% derating
Output current
Rated current available at 0 to 1000 m 
(0 to 3281 ft) reduced by 1% per 100 m 
(328 ft) over 1000 to 2000 m (3281 to 6562 ft)
Relative humidityLower than 95% (without condensation)
Protection classIP 20 / Protected Chassis
Enclosure colorNCS 1502-Y, RAL 9002, PMS 420 C
Contamination levels
No conductive dust allowed
Class 1C2 (chemical gases)
Class 1S2 (solid particles)
Class 2C2 (chemical gases)
Class 2S2 (solid particles)
Class 3C2 (chemical gases)
Class 3S2 (solid particles)
Programmable control connections
One analog input
Voltage signal
Current signal
0 (2) to 10 V, Rin > 312 k Ohm
0 (4) to 20 mA, Rin = 100 Ohm
0.1 %
Auxiliary voltage24 V DC +10%, max. 200 mA
Five digital inputs
Input impedance
12 to 24 V DC with internal or external supply, PNP and NPN, pulse train 0 to 16 kHz.
2.4 k Ohm
One relay output
Maximum switching voltage
Maximum switching current
Maximum continuous current
250 V AC/30 V DC
0.5 A/30 V DC; 5 A/230 V AC 
2 A rms
Product compliance
Low voltage Directive 73/23/EEC with supplements 
Machinery Directive 98/37/EC
EMC Directive 89/336/EEC with supplements 
Quality assurance system ISO 9001 
Environmental system ISO 14001
UL, cUL, and CE approvals

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