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3 - 5 Hp HD SCM series Static phase converter
3 - 5 Hp HD SCM series Static phase converter

3 - 5 Hp HD SCM series Static phase converter

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3 - 5 Hp Heavy Duty Static Phase Converter MILL SAW DRILL LATHE Made in USA


Converter TypeStatic
Minimum/Maximum Motor HP3 - 5
Maximum 1 Phase Amps17.3
3 Phase Load TypeMotor ( 2/3 capacity )
Warranty1 Years*
Manufactured inUnited States of America

About WNY Phase Converters

WNY Supply has been manufacturing and selling phase converters for almost 4 decades . We know that technical support is important for your power conversion success. Our technical support team is dedicated to assist you with every aspect of your converting needs, from choosing the right style of converter and to give any help you may need in the proper installation and operation of the converter on your machine. Tech support is a call away 24/7, just give us a call at 716-304-1929.

In 2008, we designed the SC series static phase converter. A low cost, compact unit that is easy to setup and use. This style of converter has becoming one of the top selling converters on Ebay with a volume over 1300 units per year. During that time period we listened to our customers input on manufacturing a better unit. We have now simplified input, output and ground terminals, indicator light on front face of the converter, knockouts on side of the converter, heavy duty starting circuit that gives you up to 50 starts per hour* and a lightweight custom designed enclosure made from AL alloy.

*Some of our competitors give less than 10 starts per hour!

5 Key things to look for in a static phase converter

Warranty: SCM series converter comes with a 1 year warranty, with a heavy duty starting circuit that give you 40 starts per hour. Other manufactures give you less then 10 starts per hour.

Heavy duty parts: Every part used in making the MAC series is U/L, CSA approved. Standard with our SCM model are full voltage rated capacitors and a heavy duty sensing control circuit, indicator light to verify operational status, enclosured constructed from aircraft AL alloy making it light weight and resistant to corrosion, all non-insulated crimp terminals are crimped and solder assuring the best electrical connection you can have.

Repairablity: The SCM was engineered and designed to be totally repairable.Unlike other manufactures that rivet and/or glue their units, the SCM is assembled with screws thus making it easier to repair and replace parts. 

Replacement parts:  All parts are in stock, the phase shift circuit assembly includes, capacitors, resistor, indicator light, terminal block, crimp terminals, discharge resistor . The voltage sensing circuit includes the potential voltage relay.

Visual Indicators: Every SCM will be equiped with indicator panel light. This light is mounted on the front face of the SCM phase converter panel, making it easier for the user to verify status of the SCM phase converter

** MAC05, MAC12

Customer Feedbacks

Checkout our Ebay Feedback, as we have one of the highest ratings for a seller. As you notice by our feedback, we specialize only in phase converters and phase converter parts.

How static phase converters work

Static start phase converters are designed to start a 3 phase motor from single1 phase power. The phase shift circuit in the converter fools the motor into thinking that it notices three phase power. As the motor is building up speed, it will be generating voltage back thru the phase shift circuit. When the motor is almost up to speed, the voltage sensing circuit will remove the phase shift circuit. At this point your 3 phase motor will be running on single phase power. With this method your motor will produce approximately 2/3 rated horsepower. Please check TABLE 1 if a static could work for your application.

Air compressor*Iron worker ( mechanical )
Bench GrinderLathe
Bandsaw ( beltdrive )Milling Machine
Brake ( mechanical )Meat grinder/ slicer/ cutter
Car lift ( mechanical )Panel saw
Chop sawPaper cutter ( mechanical )
Conveyer beltRadial arm saw
Drill pressSewing machine
Dough mixerShear ( mechanical )
Fan* ( belt driven )Table saw

Heavy duty application such as air compressors, fans, blowers, hydraulic pumps, ect. the three phase motor pulley must be reduced by 1/3rd

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