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Phaseconverterusa 5Hp Rotary phase converter 230vac
Phaseconverterusa 5Hp Rotary phase converter 230vac

Phaseconverterusa 5Hp Rotary phase converter 230vac

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Part Number:RCX05
RCX5 5 Hp Rotary Phase Converter make your own true 3 phase power USA MADE


Converter TypeRotary Phase Converter
Minimum/Maximum/Total Motor HP1/8hp / 3hp / 5hp
Maximum 1 Phase Amps21
3 Phase Load TypeInductive, Resistive
Warranty5 Years
Manufactured inUnited States of America








About WNY Phase Converters

 WNY Supply has been manufacturing and selling phase converters for almost 4 decades . We know that technical support is important for your power conversion success. Our technical support team is dedicated to assist you with every aspect of your converting needs, from choosing the right style of converter and to give any help you may need in the proper installation and operation of the converter on your machine. Tech support is a call away 24/7, just give us a call at 716-304-1929.


RPX rotary phase converter 

Heavy duty parts:  Every part used in making the RCX series is U/L, CSA approved. Standard with our RPX model are full voltage rated capacitors and a heavy duty sensing control circuit, front panel mount indicator lights to verify operational status, enclosured constructed from aircraft AL alloy making it light weight and resistant to corrosion, all non-insulated crimp terminals are crimped and solder assuring the best electrical connection you can have. 

Repairablity:  The RCX was engineered and designed to be totally repairable.Unlike other manufactures that rivet and/or glue their units, the RCX is assembled  with screws thus making it easier to repair and replace parts. .

Replacement parts:  All parts used in the RCX design, are stock parts that are easy to find at local hvac supply stores, motor repair shops or direct from us 

Visual Indicators:  Every RCX will be equiped with power and fault indicator panel lights. These lights are mounted on the front face of the RCX phase converter panel, making it easier for the user to verify status of the RCX phase converter control panel

Quality assurance: To maintain better quality assurance for manufacturing the RPX rotary phase converter control panel series, we have assigned individual serial numbers for each converter. In the event that one of our suppliers notifies us of a possible defective part or a part not made up to specs, we will be able to trace that part from the suppliers bin number, back to the specific converter that the part was used in, via the serial number.


Control Panel Features

*  Built-in motor starter with front mount Start/Stop Push Button switch
*  Protected Starting Circuit for Voltage Drop/Loss
*  Precision Voltage Phase Circuit Relay
*  Voltage Balancing
*  Fault "On" Front Panel Indicator Light
*  Power "On" Front Panel Indicator Light
*  Distribution Block for Idler Motor
*  Distribution Block for Three Phase Output Power
*  Easy Installation
*  Made In USA
* 5 Year Warranty


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RC05 Rotary Phase converter

 Builtin push button start-stop station that control’s a magnetic contactor that is included inside the control panel. With this setup your converter can not self start itself if there was a single phase power loss and the power came back on. You would need to repress the start button to restart the converter. Some manufactures use a on-off switch but with this setup your converter and your load would try to power up at the same time when the single phase power came back on. which could lead to having problems with the converter or your load or both.

  1. Builtin magnetic contactor which is used to control your converter.
  2. Heavy duty run capacitors
  3. Heavy duty start capacitors with discharge resistors
  4. Voltage sensing relay that controls the starting circuit of the rotary phase converter.
  5. Power contactor that controls the start capacitor circuit
  6. Heavy duty electrical terminal block that connects your idler motor to your control panel.
  7. Holding contactor.
  8. Power panel light.
  9. Ground lug. 
  10. Detailed instructions.
  11. 2 year warranty.

Brand new rotary phase control panel and Totally enclosed fan cooled rotary Idler motor. With this setup you have a rotary phase converter that has alot of extra features. Please compare and checkout the features of this rotary phase converter

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